elements, the way in which we are used to using them certainly counts. But there are some rules that apply to everyone. For example, if it is true that the sink and burners cannot be attached, it is also true, as Cristian Gentile explains, that since the two pivots around which food preparation rotates, they should not be too far apart.

And in terms of space management, it reminds us that the dishwasher must also be placed near the sink, to avoid spilling dirt and water when we move dishes and pots.

Ebano Arquitectura de Interiores – Find more photos of kitchens. If you cook regularly, fit a sturdy top

Tops and backsplashes are areas that continually get dirty when cooking. This is why Annalisa Carli immediately suggests giving up on trendy but difficult-to-maintain materials, also because on the market there are extremely practical alternatives for maintenance but also versatile in style.

Insert a breakfast corner, even a small one
Even if our kitchen is really small, we ask our designer to include a floor for breakfast or a quick lunch. As Oscar Cifarelli explains, the minimum size is 45×90 and the ideal position is not far from the stove and the sink.